AI, Robotics and Law

We hear much about AI and robotics, here is an interesting article from a recent NYS Bar Asso. Journal, on that topic.

If you are reading this article, you may already be wondering if a robot will replace you as a lawyer. With 118 million hits yielded from a Google search of artificial intelligence, it is safe to assume you have by now encountered this ubiquitous buzzword du jour. Much of the conversation gives dire warnings about artificial intelligence – with Elon Musk predicting it will be the “end of civilization” and that “we’re summoning the demon,” and Stephen Hawking having said it will “spell the end of the human race.” Many of you may not know what the phrase “artificial intelligence” (AI) actually means or refers to, but may be too overwhelmed to ask. Indeed, this may be the greatest danger of AI: that people conclude too early that they understand it. AI will ultimately impact the legal profession by automating repetitive tasks. Some of the ways that AI is already being implemented by law firms are mentioned below. First, however, some preliminary context to what AI actually is, and is not, will hopefully render the field less overwhelming to the uninitiated.

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